Improving your sports fitness to optimize your sports performance on the course and on the field.

Why ULaunch Performance might be for you...

ULaunch Performance works with golfers and baseball/softball players of all ages to move more efficiently, increase club and bat speed, play pain free, and improve sports fitness to optimize sports performance on the course and on the field.  

Therefore, we focus on nutrition, sleep, stability, mobility, movement, strength, speed, and power to tailor programming specifically to your needs.

You’re not Tiger Woods, you’re not Mike Trout and you’re not your teammate or your friend, so why would you train the same way as them?  That’s why discussing your personal goals along with assessing and addressing your individual strengths and weaknesses allows for a quicker path to success.

So, if you’re looking to get better on the course or on the field, then ULaunch Performance might be for you.  It doesn’t matter your age or experience it’s only about your desire to be better.  Check out the golf fitness and baseball fitness training pages below or click the link here to contact me to discuss your goals and make sure you’re a fit.

Golf Fitness Training

Baseball Fitness Training

What is the #1 Physical Flaw in your swing?

When it comes to your swing, there are 4 main rotational areas – the neck, shoulders, trunk, and hips.  The majority of us lack sufficient rotation in at least one of these areas. This has a direct affect on our ability to generate speed and power in our swing.

Take this short quiz to find out what YOUR #1 physical flaw is and how to fix it!

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