Chad Uihlein

Chad Uihlein

Performance Coach


As someone who dreamed of being a professional athlete, I was always trying to be like the best. Therefore, I’d try to swing like Griffey Jr., pitch like Nolan Ryan, and drive the ball like Tiger Woods. 

What I didn’t understand was why my back hurt after swinging? Why my elbow hurt after throwing?  Why I couldn’t hit the ball further?  

Growing up in the Midwest in the 80’s & 90’s, there weren’t strength and conditioning coaches, and the popular coaching philosophy was do more – take more swings, throw more, and if you go to the gym, let’s see who can lift the most!


The problem is, that doesn’t work for most people, in fact, it works for very few.

So, after a couple years of playing college baseball and having no success trying to figure it out on my own, my athletic dreams came to an end. 

My transition was to try the corporate world but I spent most of my time watching the clock tick by.  At that point, I realized I wanted to give others what I lacked growing up. 

I wanted to provide knowledge of how the body works, how fitness training can help on the field, and that performance is about more than just practicing.


To start, I went back to school and received a degree in kinesiology.  From there, I became a strength and conditioning coach and joined the Seattle Mariners organization.

While working in baseball, I received a masters degree in human movement and now 14 years later, I have trained hundreds of professional baseball players as part of the Seattle Mariners, Pittsburgh Pirates and Toronto Blue Jays organizations.  

I had the pleasure to work with players from all around the world, high schoolers to Major Leaguers, All-Stars and future Hall of Famers. It was my job to help them perform better on the field and stay healthy throughout their season.

However, after 12 years in professional baseball, I realized I wasn’t having the impact I thought I could.

Seattle Mariners
Pittsburgh Pirates
Toronto Blue Jays

Now, ULaunch!

Which brings us to now.  Now it’s time to educate, motivate, inspire and serve you in achieving your dreams and goals.  

Whether your goal is playing in college, getting drafted, joining the tour, or simply beating your friends on the weekends, your fitness will be a major factor in performing better on the course and on the field. 

My philosophy on fitness and performance centers around physically assessing each athlete in order to diagnose and prescribe proper programming to fit your individual needs and goals. 

While using scientific evidence-based practices, we can achieve optimal results and provide you all the tools for success.

Through years of working with professional athletes, I have developed extensive experience and hold numerous certifications in relation to performance and assessing athletes.

Certified Specialist

TPI - Fitness 2
TPI - Power 2
TPI - Junior 2
K-Motion 3D Biofeedback

TPI Fitness 2

TPI Power 2

TPI Junior 2

K-Motion Golf & Baseball


So, tell me, what are your goals?  How can I help YOU play better?

Contact me and let’s do this!

Btw, Peter Uihlein (professional golfer) is not my brother or cousin and

Although my daughter is only 4, look out LPGA – huge potential!

Raine Uihlein


National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach – *Distinguished

Titleist Performance Institute Certified – Fitness 2 & Junior 2

OnBaseU Certified – Hitting

Functional Movement Screen Specialist – Level 2

National Academy of Sports Medicine – Performance Exercise Specialist & Corrective Exercise Specialist

K-Motion Biofeedback Certified – Golf & Baseball

Functional Range Conditioning Certified

Titleist Performance Institute
Functional Range Conditioning
Functional Movement Screen