Baseball Training

Baseball training is a combination of baseball strength training along with addressing the mechanical demands of your position.  Think about it, if you’re a position player, you only get 3-5 at bats per game and if you’re a really good hitter you’ll only get on base once or twice.  

What if you’re a pitcher?  If you’re a starting pitcher you’re on the mound about every 15 minutes, throwing 15-30 pitches an inning for typically 5-7 innings. In-between each of those innings you’re taking a 15 minute break, just sitting on the bench.  

Therefore, training baseball players largely depends on a few things; your positional demands, whether it’s in-season or off-season, what your daily schedule is and how many games you’re playing that week.  These will all need to be considered when developing a baseball fitness training program to increase your performance.

Here’s the problem with following a one size fits all program or copying a program from a book or social media.  Those people don’t know YOU.  Not to mention, they don’t know what your needs are or what is going to make YOU a better player.

If you really want to take your performance to the next level, you need a personalized baseball workout program catered to your goals and your physical demands.  So, the first step to developing that is to understand your physical capabilities by performing a physical movement screen….so let’s get started!

Baseball Movement Screen

As a strength and conditioning coach in baseball for 12 years, I have performed thousands of baseball movement screens on players. For any athlete, a movement screen is a critical first step to providing a baseball training program that works specifically for them.

An OnBaseU movement screen uses a joint-by-joint approach to assess your mobility and stability to pin-point the areas that can be improved to increase performance and decrease the risk for injury.

The screen consists of 12 movement tests that are quick, simple and can completed with just a baseball bat and a chair. Each baseball fitness training program comes with a complete movement assessment so that your program is tailored to you.

But first, let me show you how it works.

I bet you can relate to at least one of these…

Increase Bat Speed!

Mike Trout

Who doesn’t want to increase bat speed and hit the ball harder and further?!  Your ability to separate your hips and shoulders is key to increasing distance.

Fill in your name and email below and I’ll send you a video tutorial of how to perform a key screen to determining your ability to separate and 5 exercises that will improve your bat speed!

5 Exercises to Increase Bat Speed!

    Stop Back Pain!

    Clayton Kershaw

    Do you suffer from back pain during or after games?  Is it effecting your game and your ability to play consistently?

    Let me send you a quick video of a screen that will evaluate what may be causing your back pain and 5 exercises that will get you playing pain free!  

    Tell me where to send…

    5 Exercises to Stop Back Pain!

      3D Baseball Swing Analysis

      K-Motion 3D Biofeedback

      Once you have an understanding of your physical capabilities then you can start analyzing the mechanical components of your baseball swing.  The K-Motion 3D biofeedback evaluation is a training technology that uses 4 sensors (pelvis, upper body, lead arm, and lead wrist) to analyze your swing.  The sensors provide objective data related to the following areas.

      A swing evaluation takes away the guessing and provides real-time feedback on each swing you perform.  Each swing generates a report providing you with how you performed, how you compare to your peers, and how you stack up with the pros!  

      Don’t be concerned with the wealth of information.  All that data paints a brighter picture of where you are with your swing.

      Currently in professional baseball, 23 of the 30 Major League teams use K-Motion to assess their players.  If improving your performance in the box is a priority then this evaluation is a must!

      If you live in the Tampa, Brandon, or Sarasota area CLICK below to set up a time to get evaluated!

      Baseball Fitness Training Program

      In order to truly increase your performance on the field, you need to have a baseball fitness training program tailored to YOU. Everyone wants to get “stronger” and more “powerful” so it’s important to develop a specific plan that fits your needs. With an individualized strength program you will be able to swing more efficiently, hit the ball further, and stay injury free!  

      How does that sound?  Awesome, right?!  Here’s how it works.

      Step 1

      Chad Uihlein

      Call With Chad

      In order to prescribe you a program that fits your needs, we need to discuss your goals, health, and how ULaunch can help!

      Step 2

      Bridge Athletic

      Choose Your Program

      Simply choose the program that fits your schedule and needs and you're all set! Download the BridgeTracker App and your program is at your finger tips!

      Step 3

      OnBaseU Screen

      Movement Screen

      Before you can start, we need to individualize the program you selected. The movement screen will help determine the exercises that you will perform.

      Step 4

      Start Training!

      You now have a training program tailored specifically for YOU! It's time to move better, get stronger and ultimately play better baseball!

      That’s all!  Within 48 hours, you will have a program developed specifically for you and what you have access to so don’t worry if you can’t get to the gym or don’t have certain equipment.  You can still make a huge difference in your baseball fitness and your game no matter the situation.  

      Together we will set up a plan that’s right for you and get you playing your best baseball!

      Click below to take a look at the strength programs that are offered.

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